Research results

In this study, we also asked respondents about the challenges they faced while providing HRE to disadvantaged groups. Importantly, respondents reported that more young people were excluded from accessing HRE online than were included. Furthermore, learning platforms continue to be a major challenge because they are not always user friendly for all groups of young people.


When it comes to the final outcomes of delivering online HRE programs, the majority of educators and trainers reported that they were only partially successful in empowering participants to become HR multipliers, and that they were more successful in supporting participants through follow-up group activities rather than individual ones. It is also worth noting that nearly one-fifth of respondents felt they were very successful in ensuring intercultural dialogue and exchange in their HRE programs, highlighting the urgent need to address this issue through future projects.

Other aspects of the research findings can be found throughout this website, where they have been linked with explanatory theoretical frameworks to help new HREducators understand them better.