Research results

When asked how many HRE programs they have delivered in person, 87% of respondents have delivered HRE in person, with nearly 28% having delivered more than 15 HRE programs in person.


Surprisingly, while more than half of respondents delivered more than 5 HRE programs in person, 58% delivered only one to four HRE programs online, and only 9% delivered more than 15. On a scale of 1 to 10, the average self-assessment for the capacity to deliver HRE online was nearly 7 (good). The two most commonly stated causes for those who rated their capacities as low or below average were a lack of skills and an inability to design online learning activities.

When it came to implementing different learning activities, respondents felt that small group discussions were the most successful, but that creating online content and simulations were difficult to engage participants in. Furthermore, most respondents stated that they were  partially successful in creating networking space.